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A "House Calls' Go Mental: Talk to a Psychologist Online

Talk to a Psychologist Online

Depersonalisation is probably one of the most unfortunate by-products of the global computer age but one organisation is working to bring the human touch right back into your home or office. is a collaboration of mental health professionals based around the globe that uses new technology to make dealing with emotional issues easier by bringing the a clinical psychologist right to your doorstep.

talk to a psychologist online

Primarily using Skype and related video calling techniques the psychologists at Webpyschs based in different time zones around the world and with varying specializations are seeing clients in their homes or at their desks to deal with wide ranging issues such anxiety, depression, phobias, grief, relationship problems, divorce mediation and related issues. If you need help, let's talk to a psychologist online now.

Not all issues lend themselves to Internet treatment says Dr Mark Laskin, the Director of Webpsychs. Addiction issues, child psychology issues, organic issues such as dementia and many others are still best treated in traditional environments but the Webpsychs approach is perfect for many individuals who for a variety of reasons are unable or inconveniently located for traditional mental health visits. "We have many clients who are expatriates who want to work in their own language on sensitive issues but are not in an environment where such opportunity is readily available", Dr Laskin says. Additionally there are many who work for long periods away from their base, busy business people, people in rural or less developed areas where care is not readily available who have come to us. There are those who face difficulty with the physical challenges to moving to a doctors office once or twice a week or want an experienced psychologist that is not readily available in their area. Dr Laskin even cites a recent busy Manhattan-ite who didn't want to spend three hours of appointment and travel time going uptown to see a psychologist each week during peak business hours when an early morning 'breakfast' could be scheduled with someone based in London via Skype.

Similarly a diplomat with family/ teenager problems could not find someone locally with capability in their native language nor specialization in family therapy. A busy CEO who travels internationally was spending too many evenings in bars NOT dealing with their stress and depression issues and found Webpsychs a much better way to spend a couple of hotel evenings dealing with the root causes rather than avoiding them.

While the core 4 psychologists that make up Webpsychs have varying language and technical skills, Webpsychs also has a network of skilled professionals for referral in other languages, specialities, and time zones as well. They are seeking to expand that network both in language and in specialist psychologist areas as the service grows. By keeping admin overhead costs minimal by not using physical offices or appointment and billing staff (using Paypal and not dealing with international health insurers) Webpsychs is trying to keep the services easily accessible and very affordable.

Perhaps in this age of skyrocketing health care costs, the demise of the caring family doctor making house calls and the increasing stresses of a global age, new technology has something to offer to reverse the trends? Why not to talk to a psychologist online.